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ACC Arts &STY facets partner to launch Bethune Art Club's participation in National Poster Arts contest for The Links Incorporated

ACC Arts &STY facets partner to launch Bethune Art Club’s participation in National Poster Arts contest for The Links Incorporated

The mission of the Arts Facet is to increase and expand art activities, especially where there is a focus on artists of color. We are also charged with creating and supporting opportunities for educating minority youth in the arts and presenting and supporting performances by youth and accomplished professional artists in a diversity of disciplines. The targeted groups include the African American Community in Atlanta, the residents of The Covenant House and the students of the Talent Development Program of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

Goals, Objectives & Strategies
1. To utilize a broad perspective of interrelated art forms including but not limited to: visual, performing and literary arts.

2. The goal of our upcoming Pre-Holiday Artisan Showcase is to expose and educate the community to and on a variety of visual and performing art forms and African American artists.

3. Support the chapter’s Umbrella Project with the Covenant House of Georgia: The Arts Goal 1: Broaden awareness of various art mediums within the African American community.

Objective 1: Focus on youth involvement and appreciation of the Arts.

Objective 2: Promote African American artisans and share their career opportunities in their trade with the Covenant House Youth.

Objective 3: Support Arts activities which address social issues. Sponsoring local film festival presentation of Community Awareness Screenings (2011, featured film addresses issue of international sex trafficking of women and girls).

Summary of Accomplishments and Impact
The Pre Holiday Artisan Showcase was held on November 15, 2015 at Brawner Hall in Smyrna, from 1-5pm. We had 13 artists to participate: Linda Anderson (jewelry), Keenyah Brooks (mixed media), Maurice Evans (mixed media), Leah Greer, student artist (mixed media, photography), Grace Kisa
(multi-media), Jerri Lee (ceramics), Willie McGlory (handmade dolls), Tonia Mitchell (handmade ethnic dolls), K. Joy Peters (mixed media), Frances Smith (jewelry), Marcia Thompson (mixed media), Vernell Washington (hats), and Louissa Williams (handcrafted note cards).

We also had entertainment provided by jazz musician Ernest Quarles. We highlighted student performers, including a talented string trio led by Christopher Mosley, an alumni student from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Talent Development Program, as well as amazing student dancers
from our own Link Jai’s Area Atlanta Dance Troupe.

The Artisan Showcase exposed the community to various art forms, including visual and performing arts, as well as supporting African American Artists and providing opportunities for youth artists, which is in keeping with the Arts Facet National Objectives and our local Goals stated above.

The Arts Facet partnered with Services to Youth on The National Poster Arts Contest. Link Fran met with students at Bethune Elementary School on November 4, 2015. The goal was to share with students how art can be used to tell a story with emphasis on healthy eating and physical activity. The National Poster Art Competition judging was held on March 16, 2016. Eight students participated in the contest. The students consisted of 1 kindergartner, 6 fourth graders and 1 fifth grader.

Of the eight students, five entered posters in the competition. Mrs. Lucy Allen, an Art Teacher in the Public School System, Link Gloria Brooks and Link Fran Smith served as judges. The posters were judged based on the following criteria defined by National Guidelines: creativity, content and artistic ability. The first place winner received $75.00, the second place winner received $50.00 and the third place winner received $25.00. Each student received a certificate and those that did not place in the competition received a $5.00 gift card. The first place poster will be submitted to Link Gladys Shelton, Southern Area Representative of the National Poster Art Competition for the National Competition by April 11, 2016. We are hoping to encourage a new generation of artists, while promoting healthy lifestyle choices!

We continued our involvement with The Talent Development Program of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, by promoting and attending their Spring Recital on April 16 and 17, 2016. We also invited the students of the Covenant House to attend the Concert with us on April 17. Fourteen residents of the Covenant House met members of Azalea City Chapter for lunch prior to the concert and then joined us for the concert afterwards. Seven members of Azalea City Chapter were present that day, including founder of the Talent Development Program, Alumna member, Link Azira Hill.

We were also able to continue our financial support of the Talent Development Program by presenting $5000.00 to The Azira G. Hill Scholarship, which provides financial assistance to TDP students enabling them to attend intensive summer music study programs.

Our participation in the Talent Development Program furthers our goal of promoting and supporting the performing arts within the African American Youth Community as well as exposing their talent to the community, including the youth of the Covenant House. We are looking forward to our integrated program with residents of the Covenant House on April 30, 2016. Links Fran and Linda will facilitate a jewelry making workshop based on needs assessment feedback. We are working to encourage youth involvement and develop talent and appreciation of the visual arts at the Covenant House.

Program Evaluation Results
Following the Pre Holiday Artisan Showcase, 60 surveys were sent to guests who provided their email addresses. We had 28 people to respond to our Survey. The feedback was extremely positive, with 64% (18) describing the event as excellent, 32% (9) described it as Good and 3.5% (1) described it as average.