National Trends and Services

International Program Facet


The VISION of the National Trends and Services facet is to eliminate disparities by reducing barriers to services through advocacy, education, and service. Our MISSION is to empower our chapters to effectively empower the communities in which we work. GOALS include increasing the number of sustainable and measurable programs; increasing collaborative partnerships; and extending our existing initiatives to include communities identified as having the greatest need.

During the 2015-2016, national Trends and Services conducted programming at  Covenant House Georgia (CHGA), which serves homeless, runaway and trafficked youth ages 18-21 with absolute respect and unconditional love. They provide:

• A Crisis Shelter – where young people can stabilize & work with case manager to develop a plan for the future.

J. Tom Morgan (center) discussed Georgia laws with residents of Covenant House

J. Tom Morgan (center) discussed Georgia laws with residents of Covenant House

• Educational and Vocational Services – including tutoring, GED preparation, resume building and interview skills.
• Mental Health Services – including an array of creative and recreational therapies, to help heal from the wounds of the past. They also have an onsite Health Clinic for medical care & eye exams.
• Spiritual and Wellness Activities – such as courses on healthy habits, weekly physical fitness classes, bible study, and access to pastoral counseling.
• Two Independent Living Programs – a 20 bed apartment based program and a 24 bed program onsite called Rights of Passage, to help youth learn to live on their own.
• An Outreach Program to connect with homeless youth out on the streets and provide them with food, information and supplies.

CHGA is a sister site to other International sites in Guam, Honduras, Nicaragua & Mexico. They all have trafficking programs and provide case managers to the youth. They work on their immigration status & getting them into school.

Covenant House Georgia also has onsite Music and Art rooms for the youth as well as a Clothes Closet.

Focus Areas at CHGA include:
• More adult involvement / consistent volunteers
• Meal program / game playing
• Vocational speakers regarding careers
• Outside cultural experiences
• Seminars / Workshops on any life skills
• Jewelry making or other art classes
• Meals prepared (purchased) and served by Link members
• Seminars on job seeking and keeping skills

Goals, Objectives & Strategies

• Transform lives of Covenant House youth to empower college, career, cultural, and international
readiness in order to be prepared for the 21st century.
• Provide food, clothing and general support to residents of Covenant House throughout the program

• Promote self-awareness
• Promote college/career readiness and development
• Encourage economic and financial empowerment
• Ensure health and wellness for healthy living

Strategy 1: Collaborate with Covenant House Georgia to host guest speakers on issues of interest
and support to residents

Strategy 2: Coor

dinate clothing and food drives to extend the services needed at Covenant House

Strategy 3: Solicit financial support for the programs and services offered at Covenant House Georgia

Summary of Accomplishments and Impact
National Trends & Services Facet has done great things this year, touching the lives of many through the Covenant House Georgia. Our Drive for Personal Hygiene Items that were used for their street ministry, Spreading Holiday Cheer to the residents during the holiday season, and Hosting three Azalea City (GA) Chew & Chats were all received well!

Each nutritious meal provided to the 40-50 residents were accompanied by exceptional guest speakers, who spoke on ‘Teens & the Law: Ignorance Is No Defense’, Image Building and Understanding Credit.

Program Evaluation Results
Teens & the Law: Ignorance Is No Defense
There were 35 participants, of which 93% of them rated the program very good to excellent.

Kamileon’s Kloset: Image Building
There were 32 participants, of which 90% of them rated the program very good to excellent.

Understanding Credit: How to Get It, How to Keep It
There were 35 participants, of which 92.8% of them rated the program very good to excellent.