Awards & Recognitions

Azalea City Chapter has received the following awards and recognitions:

  • 1999—Southern Area Conference in Charlotte, NC, second place award for International Trends and third place award for The Arts Facet
  • 2002 — National Assembly in San Francisco, first place Umbrella Program award and third place award for work in Services to Youth Facet
  • 2009 — Area Conference in Jacksonville, FL, Best Practices recognition for the “Linking the Past to the Future: Helping Grandparents Raise Grandchildren” Umbrella Program, STY Lead Facet; Best Practice for the Umbrella Program Mentoring Program; and, first place award recipient of the 2009 FedEx Mentoring Award, with a $2,500 program grant for the mentoring component of the Umbrella Program
  • October 2009, Clayton County Metropolitan Partnership in Aging Award from the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Regional award from the Metropolitan Partnership in Aging/Atlanta Regional Commission for a non-profit organization, both in recognition of work done in partnership with the Clayton County Kinship Center – “…Grandparents Raising Grandchildren” program
  • 2010—National Assembly in Detroit, MI, Best Practice recognition in The Arts Facet and the Umbrella Program, and recognition and stipend for participation in The Arts Signature program
  • 2011 – Area Conference in New Orleans, LA, first place award for The Arts, including a monetary award and a score of Excellent for the Chapter Display
  • 2012—Proclamations from the US House of Representatives and the Atlanta City Council for the Chapter’s work with the exhibit honoring Georgia’s Black legislators
  • 2013— Area Conference in Miami, FL, second place to Health & Human Services and third place to Services to Youth, with both Facets receiving monetary awards
  • 2014—National Assembly in National Harbor, MD, Health and Human Services Facet recognized as a Best Practice
  • 2015—Area Conference, in Birmingham, AL , first place to Health & Human Services Facet with a monetary award